Construction of Balinese Local Wisdom Based on Social Model in the Tourism Sector in Creating Happiness to Enhance Community Satisfaction

I Gst Ng Ag Gd Eka Teja Kusuma, Nengah Landra, I Wayan Widnyana


This research aims to measure effects of tourism economy on Tri Hita Karana (Balinesse Life Philosophy) well-being including physical health and well being, psychological, relationship, and spiritual well being, to realize the well-being so that it can create life of satisfaction. Using quantitative method using existing measurement scale. Results of this research indicate that there is no significant effect of tourism economic benefit on happiness and public life of satisfaction. The economic benefit will provide effects on local public happiness and then it can create life of satisfaction, if the public obtain the sense of Tri Hita Karana-based well-being. Another finding proves that Tri Hita Karana well being is proven significantly as a mediated effect of economic benefit on public happiness. Practical implication of the
researchers is that the economic measurement is not adequate to be used to predict success of sustainable tourism. It is necessary for other indicators such as well-being, happiness and public life of satisfaction .This research originality and value are to fulfil research gap to involve Tri Hita Karana cultural aspect as a local wisdom trusted to have universal value in
determining well-being in the field of tourism economic performance.


Well being; economic tourism; happiness; life of satisfaction; Bali; Tri Hita Karana

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